MADO Srl - an history full of success

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Founded in the 1999, MADO Srl is a young and dynamic company, that operates in small high precision parts. Based on the personal experience of his founder, Mr. Gabriele Marra, the company operates as a reference partner of companies leader in these sectors: oleodynamic, pneumatic, electrotechnic and automotive.

The policy of MADO Srl is based on the constat monitoring of the customer satisfaction and on the improvement of the company performance.

MADO is capable to satisfy the increasing demand of finished products with processing cycles that may include turnings, termic treatment, galvanic treatment, rectification, lapping, specific tests, assembly.


Our best MADO. Experience, knowledge and capacity founds themself with the company dynamism. First of our company sector in order of built, is the main driver of our continous technical improvement.


MADO s.r.l. is a leader in high precision grinding, our workforce is highly qualified and trained to obtain every result needed in the management of grindings and lappings. The most performing machinery involved in this process are situated in a special area, climatized, in order to obtain tolerance in the order of 0,002mm.